Wednesday, December 10, 2008

photoshop brushes

i am seriously in love with finding new photoshop brushes.

in fact, i am glad my iMac has 1 TB of memory because otherwise i would have crashed my system by now.

this site is my new's the same for me as dafont is for finding new fonts, except this one gives me photoshop brushes!

so i'm off to the studio. i have some trimming to do...this new work is all porcelain and my studio tends to be cranky with this clay for some reason (seems to be very dry in there atm, when usually it's like a damp box in there!)....debating doing some mold making as well. i have doll molds that i want to dabble with too for an installation i'm working on...need to get to the store for distilled water for the mold soap...then i can get a rockin'!

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