Monday, October 12, 2009

color scheme generators!

i cannot speak more highly of color scheme generators for my design work!

i started with wellstyled (now color scheme designer) and now i incorporate a few more when i'm working (here's a great LIST of more)

COLORHUNTER is awesome...this one is a bit different because you can search via words (blue, cookie, summer, crisp, etc) or import a snippet of a photo that you're working on or are color inspired by and it was chew up and spit out a hex code for you to place into whichever program you're designing in

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the 80s are back!

well, it appears as though the 80s are making a comeback this year. all the catalogs i've read through appear to follow this trend.

not sure on it however.

great music. interesting art. but some of the fashion can stay in the 80s!

on the clay front, i'm still working on the cast pieces. my studio is in a state of flux and it may be relocating to the next town over. will keep this info updated as it progresses.

keep on artin'!

Friday, May 15, 2009

new line coming

well, i have a new line coming soon...sort of a new take on the kitsch...kitsch mod perhaps? going to be loading up the kiln hopefully this weekend (pieces are still a wee bit damp, so depends on that)

new thrown pieces as well. revving up a bit. placed an ad in hagerstown magazine so here's hoping for a good turn out...i love that magazine and thought it would match my site/work

still obsessing over photoshop brushes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and birds.

i'm obsessed with them at the moment in design.

i literally just found this rug on urban outfitters and it made me so happy my toes curled lol

and i LOVE this new photoshop brush

it's SO cool :D

must. stop. downloading. brushes

*looks to dafont instead*

the spring thaw has arrived!!!

you know what that means???

the kilns are ready to roll again!

typically i close up the clay shop over the coldest months of winter due to, well, lack of heat...but now the thaw is here, the buds are on the trees and the clay shop is revving up again!

this week i made 4 sets of bowls, some utensil holders and some "odds and ends"...wall plaques, etc. and let me tell ya, it feels good to be in the mud again :D

jewelry making has been productive as well...lots of ceramic tile bits necklaces were made...i made some earrings as well, but didn't like how they i'll post those later

check out the new updates:


and i almost forgot...i changed up the look of the site....made everything a happy light blue color...much more uniform which made me so much happier!

enjoy the blossoms, all!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

still working on the "little ditty" concept...i keep coming back to this aqua well i'm revisiting the poppies that i did about a decade (eeps!) ago...see etsy for those

i like the idea of a wall of 'little ditties' to look's in my jewelry studio at the moment and is nice to look at every assortment of colors and concepts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i still love photoshop brushes

i still love photoshop brushes and color scheme generators

my top two fav:

(CLASSIC...i use this one alllllll the time)

(just too fun...import picture and it makes a scheme for you, hex code and all!!! as well, search for images with keywords....i've tried tons like summer, winter, snow, hat, and yes...even "cookie" lol!!) :D

Monday, February 9, 2009


colds suck!!!!

and i have one!! boooo!!!!

it's paused some studio time....did 3 6x6 paintings (poppies...see etsy store) and started fourth. as well, some jewelry got made, but the clay is in a pause at the moment.

here's to vitamin C....cheers!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


so today was the super bowl and i must admit i don't "understand" matter how many times it's been explained to me for some reason i cannot absorb it.

yesterday was the artFEST in conjunction with the iceFEST in chambersburg...wonderful turnout and overall just a GREAT event...i will definitely attend next year! artists all painting in a community setting with people strolling in from the street to ask questions and to watch what we were the end of the day all paintings created were auctioned to raise money for kid's art programs in the community....very fun day.

but it was cold and may i sing praises to big, ugly socks :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

SHAPE exhibition images


so i got down to the exhibition last week to take some pictures...thought i'd share the final results with you...

revving up for another show...Aqua is the theme...i have a photo perfect for it (it's on my etsy site here)

in the meanwhile, here are two of my favorite images from the current exhibit, up until the end of the month :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

got to the gallery tonight and got some pictures taken....i'll get them posted tomorrow (since it's getting late right now)

did some handbuilt tiles yesterday with my stylized line drawings on them....looking good so far.

thinking about experimenting with some ceramic pens. i've been seeing some fun projects from and am tempted to try them out (i have them, just didn't know quite what i wanted to do with them)...i'll keep you all posted on its evolution as well.

in the meanwhile, it's late so i shall sign off....more later! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

show opening was friday and all went well! good turn out...esp since january can be a tricky month, with the residuals of holidays and all. i'll be stopping by this week to photograph it and will post when i have them. show in hagerstown ended friday (and oops...forgot to pick up pieces there! LOL...)

didn't get the snow....but we got some ice and i took a drive around the area taking lots of pictures.