Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and birds.

i'm obsessed with them at the moment in design.

i literally just found this rug on urban outfitters and it made me so happy my toes curled lol

and i LOVE this new photoshop brush


it's SO cool :D

must. stop. downloading. brushes

*looks to dafont instead*

the spring thaw has arrived!!!

you know what that means???

the kilns are ready to roll again!

typically i close up the clay shop over the coldest months of winter due to, well, lack of heat...but now the thaw is here, the buds are on the trees and the clay shop is revving up again!

this week i made 4 sets of bowls, some utensil holders and some "odds and ends"...wall plaques, etc. and let me tell ya, it feels good to be in the mud again :D

jewelry making has been productive as well...lots of ceramic tile bits necklaces were made...i made some earrings as well, but didn't like how they photographed...so i'll post those later

check out the new updates:



and i almost forgot...i changed up the look of the site....made everything a happy light blue color...much more uniform which made me so much happier!

enjoy the blossoms, all!!!!!